Todd Terwilliger
Leaf from the Hours of Louis XII by Jean Bourdichon

Prestige Classes for Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Games

Behind the Screen, Published May 2, 2024
Prestige Classes were introduced in the third edition of Dungeons & Dragons as a new form of multiclassing. I always appreciated this concept but, unfortunately, not the execution. Here is my re-imagining of it for OSR style fantasy TTRPGs.
A gauge of emotional wellness, from happy to sad.

Two Axis Reactions

Behind the Screen, Published April 6, 2024
When you want a little more granularity from your reaction roll without rolling more dice.
silhouette of a willow tree against a sunset

What's in a Name?

Behind the Screen, Published March 15, 2024
Coming up with names for things can be arduous and frustrating, but when you hit upon those magic combinations of letters that speak to your heart, they are lightning rods for inspiration.
Wilderness Adventuring Simplified

Wilderness Adventuring Simplified

Wilderness Adventuring, Published February 26, 2024
Running wilderness adventures can feel daunting but it doesn't have to be a necessary evil only grudgingly endured to get to the next interesting thing in the campaign.
Yay Weekend

Wrapping Up the Week, February 23, 2024

Community, Published February 23, 2024
Tannic, Tales of the Wolfguard, Lore24, and More?
Tales of the Wolfguard

Live Out Stories from the Blizzard Vale with Tales of the Wolfguard!

Bookshelf, Published February 22, 2024
A new OSE mini-setting from the author of Falkrest Abbey!
Is Bob World Builder's Campaign Builder Book Any Good?

Is Bob World Builder's New Fantasy Campaign Book Worth Your Hard-Earned Silver?

Bookshelf, Published February 21, 2024
I saw this book, The Fantasy Campaign Quick-Builder, drop and, while I'm not someone who follows Bob World Builder, he is a big name in the TTRPG space so I thought it was worth a look. Is it any good? Let's find out!
Tannic: a point crawl forest adventure by Amanda P.


Bookshelf, Published February 20, 2024
Missing Campers in a Low Level Adventure!
One figure pulls another figure towards the top of a wall.

Dungeon Defenses from the Perspective of their Inhabitants

Behind the Screen, Published February 15, 2024
What do dungeon defenses look like if we switch our POV to the creatures who live in the dungeon?

Coffee Break at Clericon: Game Reflections and Delicious Coffee

Behind the Screen, Published November 7, 2023
Join us as we take a break from our work at Claricon and reflect on the recent game run by Daniel. We'll discuss the highlights, lessons learned, and our plans for future games. Plus, we'll share our favorite coffee spot in town!
A cup of coffee and a hardcover copy of Poul Anderson's "Three Hearts and Three Lions"

On the borderlands between the mundane and fantastic

Behind the Screen, Published August 1, 2023
Yesterday I found a copy of Poul Anderson's "Three Hearts and Three Lions," which I had never read. I was immediately struck by the setup: a landscape torn between our world and faerie with a borderland between them.
Kavlov's Sanctuary, Coming to Kickstarter on August 4th

Kavlov's Sanctuary Live Play!

Live Plays, Published August 1, 2023
Last week, I ran a one-shot live-play stream featuring one of the dungeons from The Dungeon Key's "Kavlov's Sanctuary" adventure, highlighting the conversion from Mork Borg to Necrotic Gnome's Old School Essentials.