Todd Terwilliger

Coffee Break at Clericon: Game Reflections and Delicious Coffee

Behind the Screen, Published November 7, 2023
Join us as we take a break from our work at Claricon and reflect on the recent game run by Daniel. We'll discuss the highlights, lessons learned, and our plans for future games. Plus, we'll share our favorite coffee spot in town!
A cup of coffee and a hardcover copy of Poul Anderson's "Three Hearts and Three Lions"

On the borderlands between the mundane and fantastic

Behind the Screen, Published August 1, 2023
Yesterday I found a copy of Poul Anderson's "Three Hearts and Three Lions," which I had never read. I was immediately struck by the setup: a landscape torn between our world and faerie with a borderland between them.
Kavlov's Sanctuary, Coming to Kickstarter on August 4th

Kavlov's Sanctuary Live Play!

Live Plays, Published August 1, 2023
Last week, I ran a one-shot live-play stream featuring one of the dungeons from The Dungeon Key's "Kavlov's Sanctuary" adventure, highlighting the conversion from Mork Borg to Necrotic Gnome's Old School Essentials.
Still Life with Nautilus Goblet and Books

Deliverables for XP

Behind the Screen, Published July 23, 2023
I’ve been thinking about the classic experience points for gold system of ye olde fantasy TTPRG. I’ve always struggled with how the party fences all their non-coin loot: who’s buying this stuff? I may have stumbled upon an answer.
Do Anything D6 Hexpert

Do Anything D6 Hexpert rules draft posted for patrons

Community, Published July 17, 2023
I posted the current draft of my Do Anything D6 Hexpert rules draft for patrons on
Kavlov’s Sanctuary printed book

Coming to Kickstarter in August: OSE Conversion of Kavlov’s Sanctuary from The Dungeon Key and Me!

Community, Published July 15, 2023
I am really happy to share this announcement: I’m working with The Dungeon Key to convert their Mork Borg adventure, “Kavlov’s Sanctuary,” to Necrotic Gnome’s Old School Essentials system. The conversion will be hitting Kickstarter in August.
Dolmenwood Products

The Dolmenwood game preview book is out… and I read it on stream!

Bookshelf, Published July 13, 2023
In advance of next month’s launch of the official Kickstarter campaign, Necrotic Gnome released a massive preview book of the game. I spent almost three hours reading through the book on stream. If you want to know what’s inside but don’t feel like reading, allow me to chaperone you through… Dolmenwood!
A valley surrounded by tall, steep cliffs

Thieves catch a break on the Isle of Dread

Behind the Screen, Published July 12, 2023
Part of the charm (torture?) of old school D&D is gleaning at hints of play that appear in various nooks and crannies of rulebooks, supplements, and adventures. Here's one that I randomly ran into while reading module X1, "The Isle of Dread".
A cave dominated by conical piles of slime on the floor and more slime dripping from the ceiling.

Dragonbane Solo: The Claustrophobic Crawlspace and the Cramped Chamber

Live Plays, Published May 10, 2023
We continue our journey through Deepfall Breach, attempting to solve the puzzle in the Claustrophobic Crawlspace and deal with the collapsed cave in the Cramped Chamber.
A holy symbol comprising a mummified-style hand grasping an ornamented wand.

Toolkit Tuesday | Magic Item: The Left Hand Key

Community, Published May 9, 2023
On this episode of Toolkit Tuesday, we created an (un)holy symbol and powerful artifact, called the Left Hand Key! It's intelligent, with the power to animate dead, and the singular purpose of spreading undeath and blighting the living!
A model of ancient stone ruins inside of a terrarium.

Hexcrawling 101 AMA, Episode 13: Secrets and Clues -- Mechanics for Finding Hidden Locations in Your Game

Wilderness Adventuring, Published May 9, 2023
We worked on a set of mechanics and tables for exploring the interior of a terrain hex while answering and questions and generally chatting about tools, streaming live plays, keying hexes, and other topics!
A medieval stronghold perched atop a hill in the midst of a vast wilderness.

Feedback Friday: Magic Items, Stronghold Alternatives, Hex Discoveries

Community, Published May 5, 2023
We discuss the various ways to advance in the game beyond strongholds, including paying taxes and renting mansions. We also share tips on creating dynamic encounters, settling up in town to gain XP, and the importance of engaging with the environment in combat.