Dragonbane Solo: The Claustrophobic Crawlspace and the Cramped Chamber

We continue our journey through Deepfall Breach, attempting to solve the puzzle in the Claustrophobic Crawlspace and deal with the collapsed cave in the Cramped Chamber.

A cave dominated by conical piles of slime on the floor and more slime dripping from the ceiling.


We began where we left off, in the Claustrophobic Chamber, confronted by the dreadful altar and an enigmatic floating sphere. After trying and failing twice to destroy the sphere on the altar and unlock the ice (and free the treasure buried within it), we reluctantly left it behind.

Continuing on, we found ourselves in a Cramped Chamber. The obvious exit was blocked by a collapse. However, we found another way out but it is magically sealed. The seal will only be broken by “hunting a protected treasure.” This meant that we have to go back… to the Claustrophobic Chamber and overcome the altar and sphere. Luckily for us, we found a tool in the room to use, one that promises to “destroy a decaying power”.

A magic item that looks like a glowing arrowhead-shaped gem held on a gold mount.

A magic item that consists of a glowing arrowhead-shaped gem attached to an ornate golden mount.