Dragonbane Solo: The Stone Maw and the Claustrophobic Crawlspace

We begin a new adventure in the depths of the Deepfall Breach!

A skull-shaped cave entrance.

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Note: This is an unedited AI-powered transcription so it will be full of errors and misunderstandings. I may come back to clean it up, or not, but here it is, warts and all.

Happy Wednesday, everyone. It's just one of those days. I'm a little bit behind getting my stuff back up, so give me a second. How's everybody doing? We're going to be starting a new mission. A new mission in deep fall. Okay, I've got my chart up now.

Let me get roll up. I think I have to do some character updates, I believe. Okay, there's deep fall breach. Go in there and let me pull up the books. Let's see. I need Pregen. Yes, actually, I might not need the prejam, but I'll put it anyway. Solo.

And then what is this other one? DB. I guess the rulebook. All right, I think I got everything. Let me switch over here and we'll see what explodes. It's not coming up. Give me a second. Why are you not coming up? I think I know why. Methinks I know for some reason.

I don't know why. It is like the desktop does not want to recognize when things are happening. There we go. Okay, we are here. Well, I don't need this right now. I need this. So we went up a level or I didn't say level. We didn't go up level.

A couple of things. We finished that mission on the last time, and someone pointed out that I was reading the PDF, reading the book incorrectly. We can go down and we could take a look what I was supposed to see. I did this. I looked at them like they were all the same, and I should have noticed, and maybe it's hard to see here. I should have seen this counting down the see, I had it because I was always looking at it like this. And for some reason I did a bamp. And then I went over to the side.

See, we started at one, and it goes 2345. And then this jumped to seven. And the reason why it jumped to seven is because we were supposed to go through here and of course didn't do that. So I think what I'm going to do is I'll play through the second mission, but I'm not going to do the last room because we already did it. But let's just say we have to go there and scout it out. I don't know, find something else over there to look at that way. I'm staying within the timeline, so to speak, because the thing I was thinking about, the thing I was thinking about was that the pace of this seems to be that you're sort of upgrading your character each one of these missions. You get back, you gain some points, advancement.

And I thought, well, if I don't want to give myself advancement for not doing anything, at the same time, I don't want to jump ahead where the game assumes if we're on Mission Three, that we beat Mission Two, and therefore we've got two sets of these advancements that I don't have, I'd be one set of advancements back. Now, of course, I could just say wink, wink, nudge nudge, and fill in, but what's the fun of that? So I want to advance myself for we got to find where those rules are for the next one, and then we'll just kind of go down in there, and then we'll do the next mission. Or we'll start the next mission. Well, let me see where the rules are for this advancement because I don't know. Offhand, taking a break, leaving the breach, gaining experience as detailed in the rulebook. Each time you will Dragon or redeem using a skill, tick the checkbox next to that skill. In addition, gain five advancement marks for skills of your choice when returning from a successful mission. This alternate reward replaces the standard system of advancement.

At the end of the session in play, make your advancement rolls between missions, rolling D 20 for each mark. If the result exceeds your current skill level, increase it by one. And then I guess for the skill marks, if you can increase the skill level to 18, you gain a heroic ability of your choice. Okay, so I think if I'm going to switch here to roll, I think that we did I was able I have to do a better job of this, but I believe I did check. We did do Acrobatics, and I thought there was another one that we got. Oh, there we go. Evade. So I have a chance to increase those just by, and I think I have to roll above.

So first, let's try acrobatics. Bam. Our Acrobatics is up to 15. Now I got to do no clear. Now I got to do evade versus the D 20. No. All right, uncheck those two. So now we got that.

Now, let's see. We have five marks. Five marks to spend. I'm guessing you could just spend it one for one. Do I need to go look in the big book? Might need to go look in the Big Book. Would it be under adventures? Would it be under let's see what they say here. Experience advancement marks. Okay, when you have rolled I got that.

When you have rolled the Dragon, when you're using a skill, tick the checkbox. Advance the game session. Ask for each question. That's fine. You may place another advancement mark next to an unmarked skill of your choice. After placing your marks, then we roll. That's what they're saying here. Let's see.

Gain five marks. Okay, so basically, I can test five other skills. I'm a man of my word. I wonder if I can do that and then can I do that? I think I can. So I can make five. So let's check some other things here. What do I think would be good here? Sleight of hand? I mean, sneaking. It's one of those things.

I feel like sneaking, leaning into thiefy stuff. Or should I? Because here's the thing, which is I think nice right that you can level up or you can attempt to level up anything you want. If you have a low score, you're more than likely going to be able to level it up. If I'm trying to increase scores that I already am proficient in, it's going to be hard to level up. This is a good system. So I can't just five marks increase everything. Three things, 18. But the question is, do I want to spend some time looking at one of these ones that I'm really poor at? What do we think I'm going to use? Oh, I got weapon skills, too.

Oh, man, oh, man, oh, man. I'm good at knives. Terrible at those things. But I don't really have those spot hidden sleight of hands. See? Writing. Okay, I'm not going to use writing. So we can cross that off. Seamanship cross it off.

Not going to use it. Persuasion. Performance. Bluffing. Bluffing. It might be nice to get up, and I have about a 50% chance of getting that bluff skill up if I roll. Bushcraft might be nice too. I'm just going to close the BOOKMARKS right now.

Sorry. Stop that. Skills might be nice. What do we have for skills? They're not listed here, are they? Where are they listed? Maybe I do need the BOOKMARKS. I need where are the skills? Whole chapter on skills. Okay. What's going to help us here in default breach? Acrobanks, I'm already good at I already increased it one. I'm not going to try to tempt things to try and increase it again.

Bartering, I don't think it's going to come in handy. Beast lore might. All kinds of nasties down here. Having some beast lore might be good. So I got five marks. I'm going to check beast lore. I think that will be decently, useful. Bushcraft.

Yeah, I'm going to check bushcraft. We're doing a lot of bushcraftiness here, I think. Let's see. Let's read what it says just in case. The vast wilderness is a dangerous place where wild beasts roam. The ignorant can lose their lives by choosing the wrong path through the woods or making camp in the wrong spot. Roll for bushcraft to lead your way through the wilderness. Make camp, cook food or stay warm in cold weather.

Those are all wilderness things. I'm going to treat it like default breaches, essentially wilderness. Even though it's kind of underground. I feel like the same sort of things apply. Hunting and fishing I'm going to leave alone. Crafting I'm going to leave alone. Persuasion might be useful. I think I'll try persuasion.

I'm terrible at it. What else? Myths and legends. I think I like that one. How many have I got here? So we got 1234. Got one more. One more. Sleight of hand and spot hidden are good already. Languages.

How does languages help me? All player characters speak the common tongue and read simple text. A non human kin also know their own language to understand foreign or ancient languages. Roll for the skill. All right. We've been encountering a lot of weird stuff, so I'm going to try it. So what we have to do just to recap, I have to roll a D 20 versus the skill. If I roll above it, it increases by one. If I don't, then it stays the same.

So here for beast lore. Who. Got it. Just barely. It goes up to seven. We can uncheck that mark. Now we go to bushcraft. Got it.

Check that. Seven. Now we go down to myths. Myths and legends. So far, so good. All right, rock and rolling on these. Check that. Languages.

Uncheck that. Check that. Terrence says, I'm building the crazy old woody guy who gives dire warning about curses of monsters to travelers. Yeah, it could be. Who. My luck is continuing with these roles, but, I mean, I'm terrible at all these things, so it makes sense that I could improve them. Persuasion. All right.

Is that all of them? Did I get them all? The only problem is, I'm awful at all these. Yeah, I definitely want to know the beasts. I want to have their numbers. I want to have all the numbers of all the beasts. I think that's it. Do I get any more? Let's see. I feel like I should be able to what was my original? I feel like between these missions, I don't know how to get more willpower points. Can I get more willpower points? I don't know how that works.

13 and 17. Okay. Do I get to resupply? I'm going to say yes. I didn't get any money, though. What do I have? I've got just a couple of silver. I think I'm just going to buy some more rope. How much for some rope, pal? Where am I? View. Where is gear? Gear, gear, gear, gear.

Heavy items, tiny items. When going adventures. Need the right gear. Yes. All items you are carrying on your chest. Any weapons at hand. Yeah, I know. What about buying stuff? Am I going to the wrong pages on this, or I'm not seeing the thing I need to be seeing? Yes, I am.

I'm going to the wrong page. Okay. Gear. I'm good with that stuff. I just want some more rope. Can I afford any more rope? Where the heck is the rope? One gold. I don't have any gold. Gold.

Reduce my threat back to one. One gold. What kind of nonsense is that? Let me see. I don't think I've got that. Come on. Where the heck is my gold? I know I put it here somewhere. Skill inventory. Here it is.

I got two silver. Hey, Jason, I got two silver. I can't even afford some freaking rope. Not even 10ft or 10 meters. Oh, why did you must you do this to me? All right, well, I'm poor. I'm broke. I'm just going to have to do it. Just going to have to do it.

Well, this might be rough because I've got basically a couple of knives and some lock picks. Maybe. I will probably have to roll for some rope. Jason, ask if anyone else has backed the Nave second edition Kickstarter. I have not. How does it look? Jason? How does the kickstarter look? I didn't back it. Oh, Terrence did. Terrence, when I played in your game, were we playing Nave or what were we playing? What did we play? Was it into the DD or Nave? I can't recall.

Okay, so now we got to go to the cultist warren. So engulfer OSR troika. See? Look at that swinging amiss. All right, so we're heading into the cultist warren and recall, I've already been in this room mistakenly part of the last mission where I accidentally took a right hand turn and zipped over there. So I'm going to go through. We're just going to say that we got to find the Ratways something. We got to get to the Ratways and maybe figure out a secondary entrance like we're looking for, I don't know, a hidden something. OSR other.

So my gaze is fixed upon the cultist subterranean outpost as engulfer. We already found Ariac. We already know that stuff. But we still got to go down. Now, our threat this time is the cavern is restless. Magma churns below. Be quick, lest the breach unleash its fury in your path. So when this threat activates, flowing magma bursts into the scene, causing chaos.

That is lovely. I'm just going to put this in our handy. Dandy. Oh, I got to log in again. Look at that. What the heck is wrong with me? So this was mission one. Should I just group this up? Do we have a group thing here? I thought there was a group thing. What's that? No, I thought there was a group where's a group? Star shape? No group.

Thought there was a way to group. Where's the box for grouping things? Where is to box upload file? No. Create a checklist? No. Set l? No. List? No. Wrap selection in a frame? Yes, wrap selection in a frame. We're going to call this expedition one. And we'll give it a color.

Nice pink color. There we go. Now we're beginning Expedition Two. And we've got our threats. He got the basic print edition and added the Maze Rats print book. Cool. Is the Kickstarter still going or is it over? I guess we could call this into the Ratways. Maybe what I could call Expedition Two since it's not the cultist worn.

Or I guess it is just different. Just started yesterday. Okay, I'll check it out. Stone ma. So here's our first room. This great Earthen visage is twisted and warped by time in the chisels of cultus evoking a fanged monstrosity whose gaping ma presents your entry point. I see blood dripping from those wicked fangs, but I cannot say if this vision is real or prophetic. Sounds fun.

Sounds like tons of fun. I'm not sure what to do here, though. So if we recall, where did I stick it? I should probably put this stuff aside. If we recall, our procedure has been we can ask the fictional positioning questions. But I don't say and I mean, I feel like I shouldn't just pass through this room. I think just passing through the room would be wrong of me. So we're here. Imagine we're staring out, we've gone down some part of the breach.

And if you picture maybe the lion headed opening from Aladdin to the Cave of Treasure or something, or Ye old passageway. But the entrance to the passageway is claws and such. So let me ask some questions to make this interesting. Because at this point, I feel like I could just say, well, just walking in, Jason says some rooms are just rooms. True. But the thing is, with this system, Jason, I don't know if you've watched some of these other ones, but we only have like the whole adventure in our case is six areas, right. So I feel like they're a little bit more expansive than just a singular room because we're not going to be going through 30 rooms in this adventure. We're only going to be going through these six areas.

Now, I could just say, well, this is sort of your starter entry, so it's just setting atmosphere. So great. Could absolutely do that as well. But what we can do is even if we're going to do that, we can't ask some fictional positioning questions, which could maybe help us, like gearing up or finding something or getting some information. Right. So because there are so few rooms, I don't want to treat rooms as just some things because we only have six of them. And since we determined through the last one that we're just going to warp, we're essentially doing this kind of narrative style. So when we reach the Rat ways and have mapped or surveyed the Ratways, surveyed the cultist war, and we're just going to kind of narrative wipe scene back to the front so we're not having to backtrack through.

So yes, we only have six areas, and it's not patterned exactly after, say, the five room dungeon style, but I think that's how I envision it. Right, so this is this kind of entrance room entrance area. So I think I'm going to ask and this is also where the interesting playing solo, right? I could ask no questions and just step on through to the next room. Or I can make it more challenging or interesting. So let's make it more challenging or interesting. Can I stick this in here? Oh, I can't. All right, so I will get rid of that. I'll just put another text box.

Actually, first, let's call this questions, questions. So inside of here, is the room trapped or is the entrance trapped? Now, let me have to remind myself so we have these oracles, and I could be using any oracles. And if you're interested in playing this, but you don't love the Dragonbane Oracles, you can replace these with your oracles of choice, which is nice. They do give you the oracles to use in the Solo rule packet. So these are all separate PDFs in the digital. I'm imagining when the physical thing comes out, it's going to be its own little book and I should get the printed copies at some point so I can explain and see for myself, really, how everything's laid out. But I think that's how they're probably it's done. So where is our fortune chart? So here we go.

So they have some columns, and I actually added one when we did the last one, because there was a question they didn't have, which was basically your distance. They didn't have something for how close or far away something is for you. And that ends up being kind of an important question, or at least it seemed to me in the first one, fairly important as to whether I think we were looking for that ORC prisoner, whether the ORC prisoner was near in hand or on the other side of the room, or where they were. And there was actually came up twice where I wanted to know where is something and rather than just say or use, I suppose I could use a number. How many feet away from I guess that's another way you could do. How many feet away is it? None. A few. Several? Numerous.

But I did it, I wanted a distance. So we're going back to I don't need that twice. We're going back to here and I'm going to roll a D six. Is it trapped? Survey says extreme. Yes. All right, I'm just going to write this in here. Extreme. Yes.

Let's ask this question. What sort of trap is it? Or alternatively, what does it do for this one? Rather than we're not going to be using a yes, no, or we want to use this inspiration table here, so I'm going to be rolling a D 23 times for the action attribute thing, and then we'll have to sort of spitball what that means for us. That makes sense. Can I do three at a time? Yes, I can. All right, 13. One and ten. So 13 we get restore ancient what's ten? Restore ancient knowledge. That's interesting.

What the heck kind of trap is that? All right, folks, I might need your help in here. What kind of trap? It can't be good because restore ancient knowledge sounds amazing, but maybe there's some advantage to it. But given that it's a trap, maybe there's some spirit, something caught in here and it's going to try to do some kind of dominate. So here's the thing we have to be careful with. Right. This is Jason, is a feeble mind trap. All right? Yeah. Maybe it overwhelms you with ancient knowledge, but it's not the kind of knowledge you want.

And so it gives you a feeble mind effect which we could say how long should it last? So that's the next thing we want to know. All right. Let me just put in something here. I like that. I like that, Jason. I might not like it if I trigger it, but we want to know how long does it last. And I'm going to say for this one, we'll treat it in areas. We'll treat it in areas.

We've got six areas. And also I guess we'll figure out what does it do exactly. I'm not sure there's a feeble mind spell, but I'm just going to rule because I want to move, be live and quick on my feet in terms of running this thing. We've got our oh, man. Yeah. I'm going to say that this feeble mind, this is going to suck for me if I get trigger it because I use this a lot. But it's going to reduce my where is it? My wisdom points, my willpower points, which is going to be terrible. I think it'll be easier for me to track than trying to figure out some of these other ones.

I mean, I could have it just hit my wisdom but it can hit my willpower like that way. I think I'd have to then go start adjusting everything else. But if you recall, I had that special skill which uses willpower points to help me essentially retry things. And I used it a lot. I used about two thirds of this by the end of that last adventure. So if I get unlucky and I trigger the trap and it removes some number, probably roll a d six for how much? And then if we roll for how many areas, it lasts a bunch. I could be an inner hurt. I could be in a hurt.

So this is not good. So I think that's what I'll do and to me that seems fair. So how many rooms or areas will this last? I'll use let's see number. I'll just roll a straight d six. I don't think I need to do anything. Let's not be two. So it would last through two areas. Through I'll just put two areas.

I want last two areas. I think that's enough for the trap. Now for fictional positioning, is there anything here that I could think of that might help me? So this is the entrance. Now we're not close. The other thing and I'm explaining this for folks who might not have been here before and I know if Jason is still here, he hasn't been here before. But how they've set this up, which is kind of cool, is your quest giver in. Golfer has basically a magic stone eye so they can see into deep fall see into the deep fall breach. And you were going down this kind of it's almost like an underdark kind of area.

And they could see into various areas. And that's how we get this pseudo read aloud text, but they can't see into all the areas. Their vision is blocked by different things. For example, for this particular adventure mission down here, he's seen into this first area. He's seen into the fourth area, the fifth, 6th, and then we're not doing this room, but he's seen into these. So that's how you get these descriptions, which sometimes will have written in them something about like, oh, I like about this room. Oh, I can't see whether the blood is real or whether it's future blood, whatever. That's him telling us in advance, right? We got this mission and he's giving us the rundown.

These areas here, these two, we don't know what they are. So that's kind of how that comes from. Now, the fictional positioning is obviously questions we're asking to try to advantage ourselves. And I determined that we could. And I suppose I should roll dice for this because I think that's what we decided. D Four for fictional positioning questions, I'll roll that. And those are questions that are deliberate, right? So the questions we've been asking so far are really neutral. Is it trapped? I only get one.

Is it trapped? Whatever. These are things that aren't particularly in my favor as a player that's just asking about stuff. I got one question that I can use to try to give myself some kind of edge on something. Actually, let me name it first. How about spelling for the win? And I've got one uno QuestionI. Brian Smith says, what's the current situation for those of us just tuning in? I just started still in the first room because I did some so I did increase some abilities. So a couple of things got better. Actually, everything I tried got better.

We're looking at the entrance to this new part of the breach that's like a creature's mouth that you have to walk in. We determined that it's trapped, extremely trapped, and that the trap is some kind of feeble mind trap, and that the effect will last for about two areas. And I'll roll a D Six to see how much willpower it takes off. That's how we're going to do it. The willpower points it removes while I'm affected, which can affect some abilities that I could use that cost willpower points. So that's where we are. So fictional positioning. I don't know if there's anything so far I feel like can help me here.

That's not out of place. I got to keep to the context. Is there a treasure chest? Is there a Vorpal sword? I'm not going to ask that kind of thing, so I don't know what's here. I feel like we have our pathway, so we know we have to go in here. So it's not like, is there another way in? I mean, we could ask, is there a back door? I don't know what to ask situation normal. Yeah. I don't know what to ask. I don't know what to ask, but I feel like I shouldn't just waste it.

Let me see. I'm going to have to deal with this trap. What am I going to have to roll for the trap here? Let's get down to brass tax. Maybe that will help. Let me walk through how I'm going to get to the trap. Is there an obvious tripwire? That's a good question. What do I have here? So my skills are and I've got pretty good. So Acrobatics is good, awareness is good.

Actually, that's a good question, Jane, because if it's a tripwire, then I could maybe use Acrobatics as opposed to spot hidden. Well, actually, if I use that, then I wouldn't maybe have to spot hidden to see it. I thought there was this particular trap for, I mean, skill for traps, but maybe it's sleight of hand. What would it be? What would it be? All right. Yeah, I'll ask that one. That's a good question and it certainly would be useful. Is there an obvious tripwire? Come on. Extreme yes.

Here comes extreme no, four. I think that means yes. I think four is like yeah, right. One is extreme no, two and three are no, four is yes. Four is yes. All right. Yeah, tripwire. Any kind of tripwire works.

I got you more like is the trigger, whatever the thing is. But the answer is yes. All right, so that's good. That is good because that means that I think to get around this trip trap troop. Why does it keep get out of there? To get around this, I think I will just try to roll Acrobatics to do some leaping leap over the tripwire. And I have an ability. So one of the things is that in the solo game you get some abilities. The ability I took is the one that this one that lets you basically do what they have a pushing mechanism where if you fail a role, you can retry with a push, but the push gives a penalty.

You have to take on some kind of condition for a while. I took as part as a solo player, there's an ability. You have a choice of a couple of abilities. And I took the one on the advice of Council You folks, I took the one that allows me to push without taking a condition. And that's where I've been using allows willpower points. And I'm thinking I will definitely push here because if I'm going to lose willpower points, might as well lose them and then not or use them instead of lose them. So this case, I wanted to roll above the skill to increase it, but now the main system is we want to roll below the skill to succeed. And I don't want a 20 and a one is a crit.

So here we go. Oh, no. All right, well, I said I was going. To spend it, and I'm going to spend it. Where is it, first of all? First room I'm already spending. If you fail me, then I'm in trouble. Okay, well, I spent three, but I was able to leap over. I mean, literally, I mistrined my jump, and I'm just able to just kick my back leg up in the air, tumbling into a heap when I'm past the tripwire, thank goodness.

One thing that is unstated that we've kind of been doing is basically not having necessarily, like, a whole bunch of tests. I mean, if a room lines up and has a bunch of things in it, then we'll deal with them. But in this case, since the room is already described, oftentimes they will describe it with an obstacle, whatever. This one was interesting because there was no obstacle. It's really just a thing. So we invented an obstacle for ourselves in rooms that may have a bunch of stuff. I won't add stuff to it. And I haven't decided.

I'm still trying to figure out, in a sense, if we have an area that essentially is bare in terms of challenges, should I roll for a whole bunch of challenges? Should I roll to see whether there's an enemy, an adversary, an obstacle, whatever? I could go through all those things, and maybe I will. And at some point, I guess I'm just doing it by feel right now. But in this case, we just got that. But now, if I'm remembering correctly from where we were, this next area is completely unknown. So we have to create it ourselves, which we did with the past, but we'll do again, right? So we come in here, and so what these are is basically Engulfing doesn't know what's down here, so we okay, let go. Thank you. We'll have to do this ourselves. And the way we will do this is we have some more tables with instructions over here.

So what we're going to do is follow these steps here under locations. We're going to roll a D 20, and then we're going to use the table below to learn the type of zone chamber or anything. So here we're going to basically roll this table, see what kind of thing is this. We've gotten yawning chasm before. We've also gotten what was it? Excavated mine. We've got an excavated mine. We've excavated mine. We've gotten lofty bridge.

We've gotten yawning chasm, all fun places. Let's see what we get this time. So this is just a D 20 roll. And I don't think it really I mean, I don't think it there is they're all kind of backdrop, so I don't think low or high makes much difference. This is a Claustrophobic crawl space. Interesting claustrophobic crawl space. And now, having done that, now we're going to roll D Four, and that's going to tell us how many details we're going to get to pull in. So the more higher we roll, the more potential things good, bad, or ugly.

Obviously, dangers probably going to be bad. Environment can possibly be bad. Well, I mean, I think they all can be bad. I don't know how many of them have good options. I haven't checked it out. But we need to roll this first of all, just to see how many we're rolling. And the answer is four. So we're getting a lot.

Lovely call this details. We do that, we're going to roll D four, then roll D four that many times on the location details table, determine which subtales. Right. So now, having rolled four so I've got the Etherne. I have to roll on this again, and then whichever depending on which of these tables I roll, I then roll here at D 20. So I got to roll another D four and then a D 20. So our first thing is three, which is an oddity. And that oddity is I should have not switched so fast.

Our oddity is nine. There's a hovering sphere here. A hovering sphere. That's creepy in its own right. Okay, let me go back. We got to roll another D four. Four is a danger. Of course.

Why wouldn't there be a danger? And on danger, we rolled a twelve, which gives us icy surfaces, which you've seen before. But it makes sense in place like this might be cold. Last time we got this, I believe what we did was I had to make OSR check not to slip and fall and hurt myself. Otherwise in danger. We're halfway through another D four, another oddity. Well, will there be another sphere? No, it is a confounding puzzle. Confounding puzzle. And then finally, four is danger.

Jeez. How about some contents? I could use some rope, something could use some silver, gold. A dreadful altar. A dreadful altar. All right, well, this is definitely an interesting place. So we've got here is a hovering sphere. The surfaces are all icy, so we're entering an area. It's claustrophobic, right? We're kind of squeezing around.

Maybe it opens up into a little mini chamber, or maybe it's almost like we're squeezing through a passageway, and there's kind of a slightly larger space. And in this space, there is an altar. There is a sphere hovering. Maybe the sphere is hovering over the altar. We'll have to ask questions. Something puzzling is here. What that is, I have no idea. Yeah.

And everything in this room is iced over. Interesting concept. I want to kind of thematically roll on the where's the main table here? I want to roll in this inspiration table. Jason says, too bad I don't have ancient knowledge to help with the confounding puzzle. Yeah, see, that would have come in handy. I absolutely would have given myself a boon if I had some ancient, ancient knowledge. All right, let's roll in the inspiration table just to kind of get maybe we can find something thematic to put all this together. So I'm going to roll some D.

We have infiltrate, which totally makes sense. Infiltrate peaceful treasure. OOH. Come on, we gotta like that, right? That's got to be worth something. So there's our theme. Peaceful, I'm going to say, is going to mean in this case, that it's undisturbed. Right? Nothing's come through and ravaged the treasure yet, which is a good thing for our purposes. But we've got the confounding puzzle and the dreadful altar and the hovering sphere.

Somebody say treasure? Exactly. Terrence yeah. So how do we make sense of this now? We got questions. We're going to have to ask ourselves some questions here. We're going to start off I'm not going to do the with just I hate when it does that. Just the kind of neutral questions. Neutral, true neutral questions. What do we got? What are we thinking? Oh, yeah, I did that before.

I don't know how to undo that. How did I do that? No, I didn't want to do that. I don't know how I did that. I'm going to delete that. No, not that one. There we go. You're going to drive me nuts with this, aren't you? All right, let's just start this again. I kind of want to do it either or thing, but I don't know if it'll let me.

And what I mean by that is I'd kind of like to ask it does the puzzle guard the treasure or the exit? Jason says how to get the slippery handle. It wrong. You get a zap spear on the altar, or at least the hidden treasure. I mean, there's a whole bunch of Rube Goldberg stuff, right? So let's ask some questions here. All right? Is the sphere causing the ice? And I might not need to deal with the necessarily with the ice. I don't need to solve it. I might just need to get around it. But it would be nice to know.

Is it the sphere? Survey says yes, it is. All right. Yes. So we got that down. It is the sphere. Like I said, they don't have an either or, right? I don't think so. I guess I'll just have to ask about one. Does the puzzle guard the treasure? Oh, you know what? Maybe the treasure is buried in ice in the room.

Oh, that would be cool. All right, let's first let's ask about the puzzle. Is the puzzle or maybe I don't need to maybe is the puzzle maybe we just need to make a decision about this, because I kind of think that maybe so here's what I'm going to say. The floor of this chamber is ice. Buried in the ice is a treasure chest. Yeah, I suppose we could do yes, but then you get the extremes, I suppose. Or I could just do one D six. But I think I like this better.

So I'm going to say the puzzle here is having to do the treasure. The puzzle that's confounding is that there's treasure buried. So I imagine, if you will, we've crawled through this passageway. We get to this chamber. The chamber is totally iced over the floor. And if you can look down, I guess it's clear enough ice, pure enough ice that you can just make out that there's something chest like buried some way down in the ice. Maybe the ice is too cold. Too cold to just chip your way through.

So we have to determine. The puzzle here is how to get to the treasure, which I would like to get because I could use them. Loots. Now, what do we do with the dreadful altar? So let's change this question. Does the dreadful altar control the sphere? We got this dreadful altar here. It can't be for nothing. I'm assuming it must be. I'm just going to say yes because the setup just makes too much sense, but maybe it'll say no.

Okay, it says yes. So I guess it's a roundabout way of asking the same question. Yes, the altar does control the sphere. Oh. Anything else we can ask? I better figure out how many fictional positioning questions I get because I'm probably going to need some two. Better than not, I suppose. Leave those to the side. Okay.

Well, what do we do? Does the setting have a pantheon? That's a good question. It must, but let's go check it out. Let's see. Actually, the shortcut is twelve. Right. All right. So we have campaigns. We have the game world.

This is going to tell us anything? It doesn't tell us very much. That wasn't it. Heroic abilities in the oldest times. Intro? No. Experience? Magic. Do we have no journeys? I guess it does not I'm not seeing one here. Not to say that there isn't one, but I don't see it. I'm pretty sure there's nothing under beastieria about gods.

Yeah. So no, I guess I could check. Well, you could check the index just to be sure. It's g, goblin, grapple. P for pantheon. Where's P? I could scroll in here. Pairing. Let's see, what else might it be? R for religion.

Are we losing our religion? We are no pantheon to speak of. So what can we do with this? So now we got to get into the fictional positioning. I'm not going to ask, can I read the altar? Because I have a skill for that. So I think that's one thing here for the fictional positioning stuff. It's not stuff that I can and should answer with skills. And I just bumped it up. One languages. I got seven languages.

Not great, but I've got it. OSR. Also myths, legends. Right. These if I was going to ask questions, that is to me is rolling dice using my skills. Bummer about the lacking a pantheon. Yeah. I don't know.

Maybe they're going to come out with it. And there's another book about that. I'm not sure. Yeah, it would be nice to have something, but I don't even know. I don't even think there's clerics. I don't know if I saw a cleric in the sample characters. So let's go see do they have so I'm playing kind of a Thief. Her got the halfling thief.

We got he is what is he? He's a knight. She's an elf. He's a mage. Do we miss any actually, let's just go. Why am I checking that one? I could just go look. What classes do we have? Maybe, just maybe, it says on the classes. Maybe. Profession? Merchant.

Thief. Scholar. Merchant. Mariner. Mage. Knight. Hunter. Fighter.

Bard. Artisan. Yes. There's no cleric. Ain't no cleric. Oh. Does the altar demand to sacrifice? I hope not, because I got none. I got nothing.

I got nothing. I got nothing. This is what I have. I got a treasure map. I suppose I could sacrifice my treasure map. That would be confounding to give up one treasure map for a treasure. And I have flint and tinder. That's all I got.

I have a torch. I'm just assuming. I didn't see any rules for your torch going out, so I just assumed to be carrying around my torch. So, in terms of skills, what would be applicable here? To messing with the altar, I imagine. Yeah. I don't know. I think it must be well, performance. Could work.

Spot hidden. Could work for doing something, I don't know, flint and center for an ice puzzle. Makes sense. It would. Except I have nothing to burn. Unless I got to take off my own clothes. Let's get some inspiration for the dreadful altar. Let's just roll on the inspiration shot.

Might have to end it on kind of a cliffhanger thing here. But let's do this first, and then we'll see where we're at. That's the wrong rulebook. So let's look at our inspiration table, and let's see what we got. We need combustible present. That's true. I could ask. 915 17.

Hunt moving resource. Wow. Interesting. So, there is our inspiration for the dreadful altar. Hunt moving resource. And before we go, we'll leave it here on kind of a cliffhanger. But we'll ask Jason's question of why did I change? Why is my font going like that? I don't know. Is there a combustible presence? How about extreme? Yes.

That's what we need. Survey says extreme yes. Bam. I don't know what that means yet, but we got an extreme yes. All right, so, Jason, saul says it's a critter I need to capture and burn on the altar. All right, that's gross, but I guess it is a dreadful altar. Okay. I guess we'll just have to wink nod that this thing, the creature is combustible with just flint and tinder.

I don't think you could light, let's say, a person on fire by striking flint and tinder against them. Might take a while, but we'll presume that maybe there's fur or something that would be combustible. We'll figure that out. We'll figure that out. That is a moving resource. I got you. I got you. Jason that was clever.

Very clever. So now I'm just going to recap and then we'll call this one a stream. Next week we'll come and continue here. So we were given our was it moving orders, our mission. And we're sort of adapting a little bit from the mission in the book because we kind of cheated that one last time. But we need to go explore, explore the breadth of the cultist. Warrens and that begins with entering through a stone maw, which is a mouth, looks like a creature's mouth that's open. We determined that there was a trap inside, and this trap was a feeble, mind trap that would SAP our willpower.

We did determine that also that they did have an obvious tripwire. And with a little help from being able to push our role, we were able to use our Acrobatics to jump and dive over the I guess, very well placed, very hard to avoid tripwire and make it through. From there, we found ourselves in a, you know, the we went in through the cave entrance, and the passageway is just shrinking, shrinking, shrinking till it's a very claustrophobic crawl space, which opened up into a small chamber. The floor of the chamber is all ice. And we notice that somewhere buried below us in the ice is some kind of treasure chest. Also in this room is a dreadful altar, and hovering is a sphere. We determined that the sphere is causing the ice, and the dreadful altar controls the sphere. And the dreadful altar's theme was hunt moving resource, which we determined meant that there was something you need to sacrifice something on the altar to turn off or undo the frozen sphere.

And we also determined that that was some kind of critter that is eminently flammable that's somewhere in the room. So we'll determine what that critter is and we'll figure out if we can capture it and do this thing because I need to get some treasure. But we're going to do that next week. So tune in, everyone, for part duh of this particular mission. If you give a thumbs up on your way out, that would be awesome. If you found yourself in here, not subscribed and you feel like and you feel like subscribing. If I can speak, that would also be awesome. But other than that, folks, have a great rest of your day night whenever you end up watching or listening to this on everybody.

And thanks, Jason, for the awesome inspiration. And I'll talk to you later. Bye now.